step by step

Today I would like to invite you to take a peek in my studio and work process. While you usually just get to see the finished piece of jewelry I want to show you a brief view "behind the scenes".

I have been talking about my colorful stretch bracelets a while ago to a friend of mine and told her, how much work it is to string one of them. She said "Really? I can't believe it, it looks like you just randomly put them together!" - Well, there is actually a lot of work behind making them look that way.

First of all, I have to make the beads, which I love! I just enjoy working tiny and I can even make more than one on one mandrel. I have the option to play with so many techniques, opaques, transparents, stripes, shapes, dots, drops, tiny flowers ... the possibilities are endless.

I don't make all the beads for one particular piece in a row. Instead I just make beads and collect them all in a box, until I am in the mood to create something out of them. Then, I take the stretch cord and start usually with the big hole end bead (where I hide the knot in) and then string bead after bead ... small glassy one next to a bigger decorated one, next to an etched spacer, then maybe a tiny sterling silver bead, just to have more space for the next drop shaped one ... I do this at least for an hour - for one bracelet! I knot and cut ... and string again ... until I feel the "rhythm" and size of the bracelet is perfect. Perfectly random ;)

The finished bracelet is fun and playful, and due to the size of the beads very light to wear (I use high quality jewelry elastic cord, so you don't have to worry about the stability).


last minute markt in bamberg

Liebe Blog-Leser aus meiner alten Heimat Bamberg (oder die, die darum herum wohnen)

ich nehme dieses Jahr an einem kleinen Weihnachtsmarkt teil. Er ist wirklich winzig, dafür aber umso hochwertiger. Veranstaltet wird er jedes Jahr von Christine Toewe in ihrem Bamberger Atelier und steht dieses Jahr sogar unter dem speziellen Motto GLAS. Und darum freue ich mich ganz besonders, das ich Teil dieses kleinen exquistiten Markt sein darf. Hier die Eckdaten:

Sa., 20.12.14
So., 21.12.14

jeweils 11:00 - 20:00 Uhr im Atelier von Christiane Toewe (Hainstr. 57, 96047 Bamberg). Ich würde mich sehr freuen alte Freunde, Bekannte und Glas-Liebhaber dort anzutreffen. Wenn Ihr selbst nicht kommen könnt, dürft Ihr den Termin auch gerne weitererzählen!


red octopus

October is golden these days ...


Let's celebrate october!

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we need more red

Those ten beads are strung on a bright red leather cord, that is 40cm long. I know, my american readers have a hard time getting an idea of how long or short that is. It's basically long enough to be worn as a necklace, but also as a bracelet if you take the leather double around your wrist. Which is great, as you buy just one piece of jewelry but get two options of wearing it :)