islands in the sun



This last week I've been part of a local exhibit here in Leipzig (organized by students of the HTWK) about handmade products and people, who make their living by old, traditional jobs ... and tomorrow afternoon I will be there and so some live glass demos. As I still havn't been there I'm excited to see what else they have displayed.


the colors of the sea ...

The last two days I've been busy updating my Etsy shop with many new items. Mostly pendants, but also some bracelets ... and I also added a new section, where you can actually see how the size of the new pendants look on a person. As all my beads are one-of-a-kind it would be to time consuming to do an individual model shoot for each bead, but this gives you quite a good idea of the real size of the pendant. As I know it can be hard to imagine, even with the measurements included. I hope, this helps :)


new pendants

These and more new pendants just arrived back from my gold smith. Starting Monday I will be updating my Etsy shop with many new items.


organic reaction

After the black-and-white elephants are all gone now I have this little guy to offer. I used transparent glass and lots of silver foil for the base. Like all my beads this one is also decorated on both sides.