we need more red

Those ten beads are strung on a bright red leather cord, that is 40cm long. I know, my american readers have a hard time getting an idea of how long or short that is. It's basically long enough to be worn as a necklace, but also as a bracelet if you take the leather double around your wrist. Which is great, as you buy just one piece of jewelry but get two options of wearing it :)


fireball in the sky

I was just about to write 'what a nice, sunny October day', when I realized we only have September. As August was so rainy and cold I feel like we deserve some more warm fall days.


pink ladybugs

While the summer seems to be coming to an end, I try to enjoy the last few sunny days there'll be coming hopefully in September and October. As long as I can remember, I feel like we've never had a cold august like this one. But besides that, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Four new focals on Etsy, where I tried to capture the summer fun.


islands in the sun



This last week I've been part of a local exhibit here in Leipzig (organized by students of the HTWK) about handmade products and people, who make their living by old, traditional jobs ... and tomorrow afternoon I will be there and so some live glass demos. As I still havn't been there I'm excited to see what else they have displayed.